Believing the best memories are made in flip flops, Lavulous workshop helps you design your own exclusive pair of flip flops.
The idea for Lavulous was hatched out of our passion for creating a unique pair of flip flops with the quality we all deserve. So here at Lavulous, you get to choose from a wide variety of fun, quirky and gorgeous designs ranging from cool tropical patterns to even exquisite Swarovski charms.

Our core Values

BEING DIFFERENT is the new normal

Designing your own flip-flops is a fun and creative experience, it lets you unlock your imagination and explore hundreds of different possibilities and combinations to create your own exclusive pair.

From the colour of the sole to the colour of the strap, here at Lavulous, you choose the design so that you walk away with footwear that perfectly matches your personal style.

OUR MOTTO-You be you

Our mission is to give adults and kids a creative opportunity to become designers and help showcase their unique personality to the world by designing their own quirky flip-flops.

We serve only the BEST

Our products are made from high quality of rubber so that apart from looking luxurious and fabulous,your footwear is also comfortable and durable.The material is also known for its non-slippery qualities,making our flip-flops safe to use in wet areas, such as in spas, showers and around swimming pool.

Party with Lavulous

Our aim is to create an experience for you that goes beyond the arenas of shopping. The easy to book lavulous parties are meant to celebrate the good times where you can go full-on crazy mix-matching soles and straps and fashion them with an extensive range of cute and dazzling charms.
So start thinking about your design because soon you're gonna fall in love with your Lavulous flip-flops that are just perfect for everyday wear!